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Alpha Flight #21: and it was all yellow

Literally half of this issue is a flashback. Jesus take the wheel, I’m not going to like this, am I. Also, contrary to said featured image, nobody fights Diablo in this issue.

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Hammer Review: The Curse of the Werewolf

Y’all, The Curse of the Werewolf is so good. SO GOOD. It hits the wonderful line between campy and well-done horror…albeit well-done horror with the budget of a potato.

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Alpha Flight #20 – Pseudo New Wave Hair

It’s a Sasquatch and Aurora issue! Which means time for Sasquatch being kind of the worst, ridiculous phonetic accents, and a fun round of ‘objectification vs. character choice.’

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Quick and Dirty X-Men: Apocalypse Review

This review is 90% spoiler free, except for talking about one scene at the beginning. Overall, good film, pretty big plot holes, A+ Quicksilver, dumb superhero antics, GREAT continuity, hopefully JLaw’s last. 4/5.

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Alpha Flight #19 – Time for Talisman!

The story starts off with Shaman, Elizabeth, Heather, and Puck hanging out as Shaman debates what to do about the events of issue #18. After casting a spell, he states that the appearance of Ranaq has something to do with the skull that Elizabeth found as well as an act that Lucas Strang did a hundred years ago. Snowbird shows up…and then just straight up BOWS to Elizabeth, calling her the promised one. Shaman knows of the prophecy Snowbird’s referencing and has Elizabeth pull out a magic circlet out of his medicine bag. Elizabeth puts the circlet on and, one magical girl transformation later, turns into the Talisman. Continue reading “Alpha Flight #19 – Time for Talisman!”

Alpha Flight #18 – ATTACK EGGS

Shaman only kind of meets the ultimate menace. Great job, misleading cover. Continue reading “Alpha Flight #18 – ATTACK EGGS”

Hammer Review: The Phantom of the Opera

Crack theory: the script for the Hammer Films production of The Phantom of the Opera was written by someone who hadn’t read the novel or even seen the Lon Cheney version, but instead scanned the back cover of the book, read the publisher’s summary, and wrote a script based on that. As a Hammer Films production, it’s not half bad. As an adaptation, it’s confusing.

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Alpha Flight #17 – flashback (what a feeling)

I don’t know what the statistic on how many people like flashback issues is, but I know I can’t stand them. They interrupt narrative flow, usually have little to do with the main plot, and are mostly “well shit, John’s about to miss this deadline, put in whatever flashback issue we’ve got.” This one is ostensibly about the first time Guardian met the X-Men. The justification is that Heather and Wolverine are in her hotel room, reminiscing about this for…some reason. Continue reading “Alpha Flight #17 – flashback (what a feeling)”

Hammer Review: The Brides of Dracula

I’ve decided to rename “Frankenblog” to something a bit more inclusive…as I mainlined like four Hammer Horror films during a period when my car was in the shop and promptly wrote up reviews for most of them.  So, let’s ring in “It’s The Horror Corner” with a review of a good old-fashioned low-budget schlock fest, Brides of Dracula.

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